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Have the courage to be happy

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You deserve to live the life you imagine.

We believe that self-observation and self-acceptance are the way to feel fulfillment in all aspects of your life and thus transform it forever.

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When you start looking at

magic appears.

Let us help you choose how you want to do it; we offer:

Life Coaching

Private sessions in person or online to work on personal and professional goals.

Oyamel Life Experience

Group meetings throughout the year where we will guide you to know yourself better.

Biodécodage Therapy

Private sessions of 1 hour with the support of Christian Flèche's methodology.


Online conferences through Zoom on various topics to look inside us.



Thanks to Oyamel and especially Cristina I was able to face many insecurities that I have but I especially rescue the work that in the modules was dedicated to my sexual abuse when I was a minor of 7 years old. Facing that abuse, being able to talk about it with my parents led me to have a better relationship with them and especially with my mother, who now we have a pure love relationship free of judgment and I can only say namasté Oyamel.

Herney Mora, New Jersey

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