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Oyamel Life Experience

Join the path that will change your life. A program in person and online, where you will discover the power within you to live the life you imagine.
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Types of programs


4 days or 1 weekend only for you.


12 modules per year (1 every month) of at least 4 hours each.


Consecutive, experiential, dynamic and practical meetings, where each participant lives his or her own learning process to confront and resolve the various situations by himself/herself. A topic is presented, and different dynamics are done so that each person can work on his or her own at home.

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Know the road we will travel:

My inner child

There is no child who needs more LOVE than the one you once were.

My body, my house

The first territory you inhabit is under your skin!

My emotional knowledge

In trying to go through life without pain, you deny the opportunity to transform what still hurts.

My mother and I

By taking Mom, you gain the intuition, prosperity and confidence to follow your heart.

My father and I

By taking Dad you gain the strength to achieve what you want and allow yourself to ask life for what you deserve.

My life tree

Appreciate, celebrates and integrate all your ancestral history.

I see myself in the mirror

When you can't look at yourself, life shows you how your inner world is.

My master love

Take a moment to appreciate the wonderful being that lives inside you.

My gifts

Your heart is the center of your power. Follow your heart.

The magician in me

Your heart is the center of your power, follow your heart!

My present and its silence

Maybe all you must do is let it happen, just as simple and brave as that, let it happen!

I’m free

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And if you've felt like you're going to the edge, it's time to jump in!


We accompany you to find your true self.

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