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Our history

Our organization was founded in the year 2016, in the city of Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA. Our focus is the development of the human being and his or her elevation of consciousness through self-knowledge, in favor of self-help and personal growth.


We offer experiential and practical workshops, conferences, consultancies, training courses and therapeutic accompaniment, projecting our reach to New York, Connecticut and the Latino community in general, in order to develop the human potential that is within each of us.

In our organization, the human being is visualized as an integral being, with multiple skills and needs, which must be recognized in order to achieve the ideal balance and equilibrium in life, so that we can achieve order and balance in human relations and in all areas of our existence.


We are not here to save you, but we accompany you to heal.

Andrés and Cristina



Andrés Felipe Yepes and Marien Cristina Villegas, Colombians by birth and companions in life, have in common a passion for music, helping others, love of nature, and traveling and walking.

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Marien Cristina

She has lived in the United States for 24 years, of which, moved by her passion, she has dedicated the last 15 years to the study of human behavior. After graduating from Kean University with a degree in accounting and working as a financial analyst for a multinational company in the life insurance industry, it was her vocation as a therapist and her desire to improve people's quality of life that led her to become certified as a Life Coach and take courses in Bioneuroemotion at the "Enric Corbera" Institute. In her love for learning she complemented her knowledge by studying the family constellation therapy created by the German Bert Hellinger.

She is currently a third-year student at Christian Flèche's "Ecole Française Biodécodage Pratique" in the certification program as a Psychobiotherapist.

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Andrés Felipe

He has lived in the United States for 8 years and is a professional in National and International Marketing at the University of Manizales, Colombia. However, he has been working in quality control in the industrial sector of medical and military products. His memoirs as a workshop leader for the children's program "Paseo de los Colonizadores a Los Fundadores" of Fundación Vision & Gestion Social Engineering  in the city of Manizales, a project in which he supported the participating children in the area of self-recognition, empowerment, recognition of the territory and processes of personal care, had left the seed of the therapist, so he studied the first year at the "Ecole Française Biodécodage Pratique", by Christian Flèche, researching on his own about NLP techniques and the effects of music as a spiritual and healing therapy.

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