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Discover the art of decoding the language of cells to quickly identify and effectively resolve the emotional cause of disease.
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Illnesses are a metaphor for our body's physical and emotional needs.

-Christian Flèche, creator of the therapeutic methodology of Biodecoding
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What is Biodecoding?

It is a new approach to the disease, considering it a solution with positive intention offered by biology to adapt to an emotional impact suffered in a precise moment that was not known or could not be expressed or resolved. Its practice requires impeccable training to find that instant, decipher what the symptoms are telling us and release the hidden conflicts.

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When an emotion is focused on the organism, the symptoms of the disease serve as a code to decipher which emotion is hidden. With the Biological Decoding, the hidden emotion associated with the symptom is reached and the information manifested by the sick body, which we are generally not educated to listen to or pay attention to, is brought to consciousness through a series of processes.


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Remember that your emotions are what makes you live and die at the same time.

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